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Uniting for Literacy: A Mission to Foster Collaboration and Networking

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

In 2018, like many others, I embarked on a journey to discover more about structured literacy - its origins, effectiveness and applicability. As the Literacy Lead at Te Kura o Takaro, I was fortunate enough to shadow Liz Kane over the following two years as she delivered Professional Learning and Development (PLD) to our school, eager to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

Building on this experience, I went on to train as an MSL (Multi-Sensory Learning) tutor through the Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA) in 2020.

Along the way, I have witnessed a significant gap in our education system and training programs for new teachers. As a result, I am now driven to be part of the solution.

This journey has given me valuable insights into how educators approach structured literacy and I strongly believe that pooling our knowledge, tips, tricks and expertise can help spread this evidence-based approach to teaching to a wider audience.

Currently, I am working on ways to ensure the sustainability of PLD and to facilitate knowledge-sharing across schools for long-term success. As the leader of the Literacy Workstream within the Kāhui Ako, I am excited to support Within School Teachers in their ongoing work within their kura and to foster networking opportunities across the Manawatu region.

Principal / Nominated Contact: Helena Baker

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