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Transforming School Culture: The Empowering Journey of Tokomaru School's Learner Pathway

Tokomaru School Learner Pathway Journey A teachers’ individual Teaching As Inquiry behaviour management project that was driven by poor behaviour, quickly morphed into a school-wide programme that encompassed every learner at every level of the curriculum. We felt that the school culture at the time, was disconnected and the behaviour in the playground was spilling into the classroom. Our behaviour policy and procedures were focused on the negative rather than the positive aspects of behaviour, and consequences were effecting little change. Throughout a review of our policies and procedures, using the traction gained from the TAI, we have connected our school vision and values, introduced Kind Hearts and Mindfulness and and created a robust Year 8 Leaver’s profile. The Learner Pathway is now a learning journey that equips all of our students with the required skills to become self-driven, self-agent learners who have ownership of their learning and behaviour. We would love to share our journey with you!

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