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Numeracy Inspiration

On Thursday at 4pm in Week 3 and 7 each term, all of our Kāhui Ako Within School Teachers get together in the PNINS Staffroom.

We split into workstreams, with around 10 attending the Numeracy Stream each time, facilitated by Across School Leaders Richard Lawton and Mark Riley.

It's a great opportunity for us to talk maths, share what's on top, support each other and plan events. We are fortunate to have a variety of teachers from high schools, intermediate schools, large primary's and country schools.

The next event on the horizon has come about following discussion within the group.

On Wednesday 6 September at 4pm PNGHS will host a free ' Numeracy Event' featuring: 1. How do I incorporate a Matauranga Māori perspective in Numeracy. -Dr. Pania Te Maro. Associate Professor at Massey University 2. What will my numeracy Classroom look like in 2025. - Mel Hagen (Currilulum Advisor)

3. NCEA / Prerequisites Changes

- Natalie Dent, NCEA Implementation Facilitator 4. Transition - how to prepare children for an intermediate / high school maths classroom. What does Year 9 maths look like? - TBC 5. How do I improve my learners’ mindset and risk taking in Maths? - TBC

Booking forms will be sent out soon.

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