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Empowering Educators: Structured Literacy at Te Kura o Wairau

Teaching is a dynamic profession, and educators at Te Kura o Wairau are no exception. They've embarked on a journey towards enhancing their literacy instruction through Structured Literacy (SL), and the progress they've made is not only commendable but also inspiring. Let’s explore how the teachers at Te Kura o Wairau are embracing Structured Literacy and the positive outcomes it's yielding.

A Gradual Shift: Junior School Pioneers

One key feature of Te Kura o Wairau's approach to Structured Literacy is its gradual implementation. The Junior School teachers have been leading the charge, undergoing training to become well-versed in SL techniques. This phased approach allowed the educators to build a strong foundation in Structured Literacy and gradually implement it in their classrooms.

Expanding the Reach: Middle and Senior School

Soon, all teachers across the school will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively incorporate Structured Literacy into their instruction. This holistic approach ensures that students of all ages benefit from evidence-based literacy instruction, along with having consistency when they move to a new class.

An Inclusive Approach: Involving Support Staff

Recognizing the importance of a collaborative effort, Te Kura o Wairau also involved support staff in Structured Literacy training. This inclusivity acknowledges that everyone in the school community plays a role in fostering effective literacy instruction. 

Expert Guidance: Professional Development and Learning

The journey towards Structured Literacy at Te Kura o Wairau has been made possible through the support of experts including The Manawatu Literacy Group, Liz Cane, and other Professional Learning and Development (PLD) providers who have equipped teachers with the necessary tools and knowledge. They have also grown their resource base.

Creating a Supportive Environment

Teachers Ruth Alefaio and Vicky Arnold have established a reading intervention support group. They also observe reading instruction, with senior teachers modelling effective lessons. 

Visible Success: Empowering Young Readers

The adoption of Structured Literacy at Te Kura o Wairau is bearing fruit, as evident in the results. Both quantitative data and anecdotal evidence indicate significant improvements in students' reading abilities. As Vicky Arnold pointed out, "Younger children now see themselves as readers," a testament to the success of Structured Literacy in helping to foster a love for reading.

Promoting Consistency and Best Practices

Structured Literacy has also helped raise awareness of the importance of consistency in assessment practices aligned with the science of reading. This heightened awareness ensures that students receive uniform, evidence-based instruction across the school, leading to more equitable educational outcomes.


Te Kura o Wairau is on an exciting journey with Structured Literacy, and their ambition doesn't stop here. They aspire to become a Beacon School, leading the way in effective literacy instruction. 

Sharing Knowledge: A Helping Hand for Others

Te Kura o Wairau encourage schools at the outset of this transition to reach out for support, creating a community of educators committed to Structured Literacy.

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