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Enriching Math's Experiences with Number Agents with Juniors at Turitea School

We’ve started on a new learning journey this term in maths in the Junior School. We’ve started to explore and embed Leslee Allen’s Number Agents Scope and Sequence for the Early Years, with early successes across our classes. The scope and sequence is being used as a guide across our NE/Y1 and Y1/Y2 space, with teachers making their own adaptations to enrich the experiences of our ākonga. 

One of the highlights we experienced was the ‘Pre-Number Activities’. These activities guided our math planning for the first 3 weeks of the school year and set the tone for what has become our norms in numeracy each day. We removed the pressure of initially jumping deep into strand teaching and allowed the time to explore what it means to collaborate with our peers and justify our thinking. We unpacked the language associated with these concepts and gave an opportunity for ākonga to apply these foundation skills in various ways.

9 weeks on and we’ve definitely seen the value in this. These norms are something we continue to encourage and explicitly plan for on a daily basis. 

The scope and sequence is made up of a number of big ideas towards developing deeper mathematical understanding, which coincide with the big ideas and progress steps in Te Mātaiaho. The explicit teaching in the earlier sessions has been based on part whole understanding; through the use of Woodin Patterns and various materials, children have progressed from perceptual to conceptual subitising.  It is flexible according to the needs in the class and there is plenty of opportunity for repetition and revisiting for consolidation. We’ve been able to put our own spin on it & have made connections across the curriculum, using various picture books to consolidate understanding and providing ākonga with opportunities to deepen their understanding during learning through play. 

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