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Structured Literacy Journey

In 2019, began my journey of using structured literacy in my classroom. I participated in PLD from Liz Kane in both using the CODE and using decodable readers. As a middle and senior teacher, I often came across students who were yet to experience success in reading from their time at school thus far. Through using decodable readers and a structured literacy approach, I witnessed these struggling readers, not only experience success but flourish in their reading and develop an enjoyment of books.

I am a strong advocate for structured literacy and the benefits that I have witnessed for our most vulnerable readers. Reading is too important to take to chance and a structured literacy approach addresses this.

In joining LCS, I have continued to use structured literacy in my classroom practice. I am excited that this year LCS will beginning our structured literacy journey, school wide. We are beginning our journey by starting PLD with Dr Chris Braid. I am excited because through this PLD, it will allow us to reflect on effective literacy pedagogy and create a shared understanding around what literacy learning looks like at each level at LCS. If you are in your journey in discovering or implementing structured literacy at your school, I would love to work alongside you and share ideas, experiences and resources.

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