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PR1ME Maths - Engaging our Tamariki on their journey as mathematicians.

Our tamariki were becoming disengaged with numeracy and not fully living up to their potential as mathematicians. Last year we began our journey with PR1ME maths.

This is a structured maths programme which has been developed in Singapore, with great results internationally. The programme consists of a coursebook, which students use in their guided maths lessons with their Kaiako, and a practice bookll of foll fuow up questions.

The programme covers all strands and has proven highly engaging for tamariki “The best part of PR1ME maths is that you can take time to understand the maths and there is lots of practice” Paridhi Yr 4 “PR1ME maths is a great way to learn maths because there are lots of chances to talk about maths." Josh Yr 6 Our kaiako love the programme as the planning and resources are ready to go and there is a teachers guide for each level which guides the kaiako through using the course and practice books. “I love how it gives you many options in terms of meeting needs through use of different materials. I also love that it's all planned out. The tamariki are happy to do maths every single day - no complaints! It's clear that time has been taken to develop the programme” Felicity, Kaiako Yr3/4

Our ongoing journey with PR1ME this year has us looking at maths comprehension and we are excited for what our PR1ME journey brings to the overall maths achievement for our tamariki.

Principal: Tui Halatokoua

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