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From PB4L to Trauma-Informed Practice: A Journey towards Holistic Student Support

Localised Curriculum is not often seen in regards to 'behaviour'. But everything we do is a behaviour of some kind, Gaining, avoiding and always conveying a message, learning and social. Over the last 20 years this has become a passion of mine. I have been PB4L lead for about 10 Years and in this time have created systems and processes in our school to support a vast array of needs. Through this learning I have learnt about the power of positive praise and how integral the knowledge of the brain is in everything we do. I have set up individual plans, drilled down into behaviour data to find out the why and looked at simple and effective ways teachers can support a child in need. By doing things for one child it inadvertently supports ALL students in the class which is a win for everyone. I have been part of a number of PLD Opportunities with the MOE with PB4L supports, PB4L conferences, Nathan Wallis, Brain Foundation of New Zealand, Trauma Informed Practice PLD with Matthew Portell and will be looking to move Takaro further into the Trauma Informed space with PLD in 2024. As a passion I am always willing to support teachers on the shop floor, as often those face to face chats can be all you need.

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