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Developing a localised curriculum

Updated: May 12, 2023

In 2020 we began developing a localised curriculum for Opiki School, following MoEs requirements.

Initially we worked together as a Leadership Team, developing our con

ceptual framework “Te rito o te Harakeke and Nga kete matauranga.

We chose to base our thinking around Harakeke (Flax) due to our historical links with flax, flax milling and the flax trade.

We then consulted with staff, other schools, ERO, our iwi Rangitane and other PLD providers to further develop our concepts.

Following this we met with parents at a Parent Information Evening, where we presented our concept, and offered various oppor

tunities for community feedback, including surveys, bus stop activities and face to face discussions.

These ideas were valuable and significant changes were made to the original concepts.

The document now ties in our school values, how all curriculum areas are taught, monitored and assessed.

We use the structure of the Harekeke bush as a metaphor to describe the way of teaching and learning and our culture are woven together. It also outlines the values, tools and skills for learning that are woven throughout our school.,

Principal / Designated contact: Tracey Gurney

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