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Using Practice Analysis Conversations to Target Student Progress and Improve Teaching Practice

Practice Analysis Conversations (PAC) uses evidence from the classroom to improve teaching and learning. In 2019 my school began using PAC as part of teacher inquiry. PAC involves conversations between two teachers based on a targeted classroom observation. Prior to the observation, a teacher identifies a targeted group of children with a specific need, or an area the teacher has identified as wanting to develop. During the observation the teacher will work with their identified children. During the process evidence is gathered about what the children know, can do and next learning steps. Teachers look at their own practice and its impact on their students. After the observation teachers engage in conversations about progressing student achievement, and look at research evidence to give direction into improving their practice. One of the most valuable things about PAC is that it is a teacher-led process that is targeted to individual needs. It opens up the conversation about increasing student progress and targeted at improving teacher practice.

Principal / Nominated Contact: Matt Costley

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