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Using Manaaki ki te Tangata to enhance Professional Growth

Seek and discover, discover and know, know and become enlightened.

At Turitea School we are all learners. Our staff are presently receiving PD in learning how to use Manaaki ki te Tangata to help them with their professional growth , based around the area of CR and RP, and how we weave this into everything that represents us.

The critical learning conversations that have come out of this too

l allows our staff to not only examine themselves but allows them to help, guide and nurture others. The ability to also link this to our own professional growth cycle has also been rewarding.

We have also been working to align this to our school values to make it personable to us. This is something that we want to embed into our practice in which our staff feel comfortable undertaking on a regular basis.

If people have questions, would like to develop a better understanding of the tool then we would be more than happy to share our knowledge with you. Feel free to contact Shane Brown at for any questions you might have.

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