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PAT Online

For a number of years, we have been using the online PAT Assessment Tool via NZCER Assist.

This tool allows teachers to analyse, group and track progress trends over a period a time - this has been important for transitions between teams, reporting and informing planning/lessons that are delivered.

We currently use the PAT Mathematics, PAT Reading Comprehension and PAT Reading Vocabulary tools within NZCER Assist. A focus for our staff have been on using the Scale Scores function to track learning progress because this is a standardised measure and is a comparable index. NZCER Assist has the following features: - it allows grouping of student responses - we are able to filter/order by response, stanine, raw score - NZCER provides possible misconceptions or common errors - we can produce reports showing individual responses, class trends and ordering of results - NZCER also compares our school/class data with New Zealand-wide trends and compares these two

This tool is a useful addition to our reporting and assists with the direction of teachers' planning.

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