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Introducing Te Mātaiaho, The Curriculum Refresh and Designing Our Local Curriculum

Linton Camp School has begun our journey in developing our understanding of Te Mātaiaho, the refresh of our New Zealand Curriculum so that we can begin to plan what its implementation will look like at our kura.

We started by engaging with the vision for the future and Mātaitipu, Our vision for young people. We made connections between our visions as a school and Kāhui Ako, and how these align with the visions set out in Mātaiaho. We spent time listening to the explanation and rationale behind the refresh and developed an understanding of the whakapapa, shared by Dr Wayne Ngata.

We explored Mātairea, supporting progress and Mātaiaho, Weaving learning across learning areas. We noticed the shift away from curriculum levels to phases, embracing a progression based model. We partnered this with the Common Practice Model, unpacking the principals and pedagogical approaches that were to be collectively used and implemented in our teaching. We discussed what this could look like in our teaching and what was already happening in our classrooms. This generated lots of discussion and some unanswered questions which we hoped would be answered in phase 2 of the role out of this document.

Next we engaged with Mātaihikā, Connecting to place and community and Mātaioho, School curriculum design and review. Mātaihikā and Mātaioho helped launch us into the development of Linton Camp School’s Local Curriculum. We have begun this journey by gathering voice from our whānau, ākonga and wider community, particularly Ngati Tumatauenga and the NZ Army. We have gathered information through the use of surveys and by organising an event for our community. We are also aiming to get our students out of our school grounds and seen in the community, giving back and contributing.

Through gathering this voice, we hope to build the foundation of mutually beneficial relationships that will benefit both our kura and ākonga, as well as our wider community. These relationships and shared voice will be what guides us as we develop our local curriculum.

Prinicpal / Nominated contact: Matt Costley

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