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Elevating Science Education at Ōpiki School with House of Science

As the lead teacher for Science at Ōpiki School, I have witnessed a remarkable transformation in the quality and quantity of science teaching and learning since incorporating House of Science (HoS) into science planning in our middle school (Years 4-6).

Our tamariki adore these science kits, brimming with captivating hands-on experiments. Not only do our students embrace the interactive nature of the kits, but teachers also appreciate the convenience they bring, saving countless hours of planning, preparation, and resource hunting as everything arrives neatly packed in a box every Friday!

What is House of Science? House of Science is a resource that has revolutionised our science education at Ōpiki School. It provides over 25 different kits, from “A Load of Rubbish” to “Who Dun it!?” These engaging science kits are carefully curated with equipment, materials, and lesson plans. All documents are presented in both English and Te Reo. These resources make science learning exciting and effective, allowing our students to explore the wonders of science through hands-on experiments.

Why Ōpiki School Loves House of Science...

  • Hands-on Experiments: These hands-on experiments allow our students to actively engage in scientific investigations, sparking their curiosity and fostering a deep understanding of scientific concepts.

  • Time-Saving Convenience: One of the biggest advantages for our teachers is the time saved by using House of Science resources. With everything neatly packed in a box each Friday, it eliminates the need for hours of planning, preparation, and searching for science materials. It allows our teachers to focus on delivering engaging lessons, fostering a love for science among our students.

  • Enhanced Teaching and Learning: By incorporating House of Science resources into our curriculum, we have observed a significant improvement in the quality of our science teaching and the enthusiasm of our students. The kits are aligned with the New Zealand curriculum, ensuring a seamless integration into our lesson plans and covering a wide range of topics.

To experience the benefits of these resources, simply visit the House of Science website and sign up for membership. As a member, you will gain access to an extensive range of science kits and ongoing support, empowering teachers and fostering a stimulating learning environment for students.

Here is a video kids from the Quad Squad - Ōpiki School, made using the kit “A Load of Rubbish”:

We are happy for other teachers to visit Ōpiki School to see a kit in action, or flick me an email to find out more.

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